Profile - Toru Kasuya Photography


Toru Kasuya was born in 1970 in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. His first aspiration in life was to become an engineer; engines in particular fascinated him. After graduating from vocational school, he worked as an automobile technician at an auto company. He left the job after three years to enter a junior college to study the basics of machinery anew, including about material, processing, and design.

After graduating from the junior college, he worked as a maintenance technician working on large-scale diesel engines and gas turbine engines, and also worked at a development laboratory of an automaker, testing diesel engines. In 2014, he participated in a new product development team as one of the core members, and the product they developed won a special award in the technology development category of Co-Genet Award presented by the Advanced Cogeneration and Energy Utilization Center JAPAN (ACEJ).

While leading a full and busy life as an engineer, he was also taking underwater photographs as a hobby. In 2016, he won two important prizes—an Excellence Award at the Nikkei National Geographic Photography Awards, and a prize in the category of ‘Ocean’ at Nature’s Best Photography Asia—that gave him the impetus to turn professional as a photographer.

Since he grew up near the sea, he started riding a Jet Ski when he was around twenty years old, and surfing after turning thirty. He surfs on a longboard and pushes himself to ride big waves. In 2005, he acquired a scuba diving license and started underwater photography.

His primary shooting location is Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, but he also visits the sea around Hokkaido and Noto Island. In each location, he always chooses the sea close to populated areas. He has found that even very close to the land, there is rich nature where bountiful marine creatures are living, displaying an amazing diversity. Feeling that he himself has been enriched through learning that we are surrounded by such a vibrant ocean, he wants to convey that richness through straight-forward yet exciting photographs. Underwater photography gives him a totally different kind of gratification from what he had as an engineer, but he is now fascinated with the beauty of the workings and forms of the natural world of the sea which he feels no human creation can match.

He hopes to continue developing his style of shooting simple yet amazing marine creatures.

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